About PM Portfolio

Purcell Murray's PM Portfolio group has catered to the culinary passions of Americans for over 20 years. We have grown into the preeminent organization in the United Sates synonymous with the unsurpassed service, quality and performance of the products we represent.

Currently, the Portfolio group partner’s with international luxury "home" brands to import, market, distribute and sell each company’s unique tradition and innovation throughout the United States via a multi-channel network of retailers. Goals of our group are to blend entrepreneurship, aim for product excellence and bolster the image of each brand with passionate determination.

PM Portfolio's strategy is primarily based on the growth of our current brands; however, we will continue to acquire the exclusive distribution rights of international luxury "home" brands.  The group always encourages dreaming, fantasy and taste in everything we do.

To indulge in your zeal as an epicurean, we encourage you to visit one of our retail partner's showroom locations where a member of their design team will be ready to answer your questions and discuss your project in more detail. For direct inquiries please e-mail us at  or call 1.800.457.1356 where we will be happy to further familiarize you with the style and individuality that is PM Portfolio.